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Work in Portugal
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Work in Portugal
Paid Internship in Hotels

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To get to know a different country you don’t have to go too far. Portugal has many interesting things and is, above all, a high quality tourist destination. You can discover all this while you get practical work experience in a hotel, while making some money and having some new experiences.

Location :

Portugal is perhaps the country most similar to ours, but it is also true that we don’t give it the importance it deserves. Portugal and the Portuguese are inherently different from us and it is the perfect place to gain paid work experience in three to five star hotels.

Duration and price :
12 weeks from 550 €
Deposit : 200€
Accommodation : included
Food : included  
Dates : Available all year.
Options : Curso de Idiomas.
Age : From 18 to 35 years old
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Overview About Prices Basic Information


  • Participants should be between 18 and 35.
  • Basic Portuguese. Participants with no knowledge of Portuguese should take a 40 hour course before starting the placement.
  • Participants don’t need to have previous work experience, but hotels prefer participants who already have some experience in tourism.
  • All participants need to have Liability Insurance

Remuneration and Conditions
Participants normally work 38 to 40 hours a week (5 days a week). This can vary depending on the region and season. The hotel’s contribution will be between €150 and €300 per month, depending on the hotel and tasks carried out.

Work & Travel is not available in Lisbon. For hotel placemnent in Lisbon, please check Professional Internship Program.

Participants pay a €200 deposit when booking the programme. This deposit will be deducted from the final invoice to be paid before starting the programme.

Participants stay in a shared bedroom and bathroom, organized by the hotel with full board. During the language course participants stay in shared flats in the centre of the city or hostels

Duration of the program: 3 months (legal restriction). Some hotels are open all year round, others only in high season, from April to October.

Language course
The language course is optional. Students with an advanced level of Portuguese can start the placement immediately and will not need to take part in the language course. If participants need to improve their language skills before the placement, PUROMUNDO offers them the chance to study at a accredited language school in a class of up to 10 students

About Portugal
Portugal has a rich maritime past, superb beaches, melancholy villages and cities and a landscape of olive trees, vineyards and cornfields. You will be in a very distinct environment, which includes traditional elements mixed with some of the most advanced in Europe.
This paid placement programme in hotels and country houses throughout Portugal lasts between 2 and 6 months and will help you improve your Portuguese and develop key skills like teamwork, as well as growing as a person.
You can combine your placement with an intensive Portuguese course, although if you have a more advanced level you can start the placement straight away.

This experience is for you if…

If you want to combine tourism with work, if you want a change in routine, without having to go to the other side of the world, if you have a few months free, and you don’t know what to do with them.

This experience is not for you if..

If you want to do something extreme and you associate “change” with “distance”, if you don’t want to work, if your idea of a holiday is lying on the beach all day.
Participants’ role and programme objectives
Participants can work in different positions and departments.

  • Kitchen assistant
  • Room service
  • Waiter / waitress
  • Barman / maid
  • Reception (only with an advanced level of Portuguese)
  • Laundry
  • Entertainer : only during summer and always combined with other positions
  • Maintenance
  • General Assistance
  • Restaurant

The aim of the programme is for participants to develop their work skills at the same time as improving their knowledge of the language, learning to work in a new setting and a new culture.

Day-to-day activities
Once you know the place you will carry out the placement has been decided, you will receive a plan detailing the tasks you will carry out.

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